07. Soft Geometric Print Cushions

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SORRY for the lateness of post folks. Lots of Christmas ill-health combined with catch-up and a new term for the kids has meant slow progress here… BUT a restful holiday has meant lots of food for thought on the blog going forwards, including this…

My previous home was the perfect foil for modern retro geometric fabrics and prints. It was a 1960s Span house – a suburban, (budget) friendly architect-designed house that somehow managed to fit three bedrooms and open-plan living space into the teeniest of footprints.

The new house, however, is a cottage with some parts dating back to the 18th century (much more to follow on this!). It’s darker, a bigger footprint but with smaller rooms and windows, traditional beams, lots of character, but whilst the midcentury pieces (Robin Day sofa / Hille dining chairs, Harry Bertoia Diamond chair) we’ve brought with us work fine in limited numbers, what doesn’t work are those cheery, retro fabric prints. They’re just not subtle enough for this more romantic, country space.

But I’m thinking the softer geometric print that’s appearing right now might be a good compromise. Sweet colours, a hint of modernity, but delicate, and a definite grower in trend terms for 2015. I’ve got my eye on all of these (captions at the bottom, starting from top left)…fourcushions

1. Landscape pillow Bunglo by Shay Spaniola; 2. Quintessentially English by Silken Favours at Heals; 3. Lulu by Allegra Hicks for Made.com; 4. Coral Diamond cushion, Feather & Black.


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