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21. Going Vegan… Chickpea, Leaf and Pomegranate Seed Lunch

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UPDATE on health issues… I’ve been struggling with symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) for decades now, and have been through pretty much every medical suggestion possible (with varying degrees of success). I was recently prescribed with Metformin, a drug used to control type II diabetes and insulin resistance, which can be part of the syndrome. I had hoped this drug would help to reduce my weight, as the extra pounds are almost impossible to […]

11. Acne & Dry & Sensitive Skin

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I WAS diagnosed with PCOS aged 15, when my skin began to be seriously affected by acne. And over the years I’ve had every treatment going, from herbs, acupuncture, topical and oral antibiotics, every spot cream going, to the pill (lots of variations but most successfully Dianette), even controversial Roaccutane. Some have worked for months, some for years. Currently off medication and now aged 41, I’m suffering from mild acne again. I also have a […]