11. Acne & Dry & Sensitive Skin

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I WAS diagnosed with PCOS aged 15, when my skin began to be seriously affected by acne. And over the years I’ve had every treatment going, from herbs, acupuncture, topical and oral antibiotics, every spot cream going, to the pill (lots of variations but most successfully Dianette), even controversial Roaccutane.IMG_4465

Some have worked for months, some for years. Currently off medication and now aged 41, I’m suffering from mild acne again. I also have a lot of acne scarring, and weirdly – because of all the treatments – incredibly dehydrated, sensitive skin. Can you have acne and dry, dehydrated plus sensitive skin? Seems you can. It’s just that creams haven’t been able to deal with that triple whammy of need in recent years.

But, a chance trip to the brilliant Lloyds Pharmacy where they have a skin diagnostic tool (thought you were oily? wrong!) to help you choose the right creams, has meant I’ve come away with two absolute skin life-savers.

La Roche-Posay, the French pharmacy brand that is super-gentle on distressed skin does a hydrating night cream (Hydreane) in rich or extra rich (I first used the Riche and in Paris last week managed to find the Extra Riche – all the French chemists sell it) that aims to balance the sensitive & dry issues, and Eurecin’s genius daytime Dermo Purifyer Adjunctive Hydrating Care cream is specially formulated for skin made sensitive and dry from acne treatments. Using both together has meant my skin is moist, hasn’t cracked at all this winter, and doesn’t feel too tight to smile. They don’t prevent acne, but that’s another hill to climb…

*www.eucerin.co.uk; www.lloydspharmacy.com; www.laroche-posay.co.uk

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