08. Ammonite by Farrow & Ball

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I PROMISED myself no grey in this new house. I don’t hate grey. But the old house was all grey, white and yellow, and that suited that house to a ‘T’.Purbeck Stone 2014 Trends

I wanted to move on to something fresher and lighter, more in keeping with the countryside round it, and all the greys at the Paris design shows last January made me yearn for something different. On the whole we have (largely greens – pix to follow). But… Well, it’s all down to Tester Pots. I must have spent hundreds of pounds on testers over the years, and the budget on this new house has been too tight to waste on a variety of trials and error.Ammonite Bathroom 2

And so Ammonite, Farrow & Ball’s new pale and interesting grey, (pictured on the floor, top pic, and top of the wardrobe) made its way into one bathroom and then another. We had a left over tester pot from a previous project and it seemed nice enough, and then they had the paint in the local store (rather than having to order online), and so it happened. We have not one but two Ammonite bathrooms.Ace laundry bag

The good news is that this pretty colour based on Jurassic fossils doesn’t feel too ‘grey’. It’s just a harmonious greyish stone colour that manages to pull together a number of different neutrals we’ve inherited or redone (white bath, pearly tiles, glass ceiling light, white wooden decorative mirror) and complements accessories like the Ace hotel laundry bag we’ve been meaning to put into use for a while now. There’s even enough left for a wall or two in the kitchen…

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