09. Turquoise Kitchen from La Cornue

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OKAY, so the kitchen I’m currently planning is just an IKEA black and white kitchen. Black on the bottom half, white on the top. (We’re also keeping part of the original kitchen as it’s solid timber and well, replacing it is more hassle than it’s worth – and that will also be painted black). Black and white kitchens are undoubtedly the kitchen look of the moment.Château Grand Palais 180 Aquamarine

BUT, how adorable is this kitchen (Grand Palais 180) from La Cornue? They call it aquamarine, I call it turquoise. Completely original enamel finish, beautiful brushed nickel/stainless steel hardware, their kitchens have such a professional veneer but a happy vibe too. From £26,150.

*www.lacornue.com; 0870 7895107 (UK)

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