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20. Perfect Black & Whites Fabrics from JAB Anstoetz?

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I’VE AN ongoing struggle with finding the right cushions for my living room – ones I would want to keep for a few years and not just a season. My mood changes constantly and I’ve never found the ‘right’ one. So I’ve resorted to having cushions made from fabrics I’ve been hoarding for a while. Pix to follow, but in the meantime I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some of these new fabrics from […]

07. Soft Geometric Print Cushions

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SORRY for the lateness of post folks. Lots of Christmas ill-health combined with catch-up and a new term for the kids has meant slow progress here… BUT a restful holiday has meant lots of food for thought on the blog going forwards, including this… My previous home was the perfect foil for modern retro geometric fabrics and prints. It was a 1960s Span house – a suburban, (budget) friendly architect-designed house that somehow managed to […]