20. Perfect Black & Whites Fabrics from JAB Anstoetz?

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Yin Yang - JAB AnstoetzI’VE AN ongoing struggle with finding the right cushions for my living room – ones I would want to keep for a few years and not just a season. My mood changes constantly and I’ve never found the ‘right’ one.Yin Yang from JAB Anstoetz

So I’ve resorted to having cushions made from fabrics I’ve been hoarding for a while. Pix to follow, but in the meantime I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some of these new fabrics from JAB Anstoetz – called Yin and Yang.Yin Yang Collection - JAB Anstoetz

They’re very ‘now monochrome’ but I can see the smaller prints having a longer life-span than just this year too… What do you think?Yin Yang by JAB Anstoetz

Fabrics from £20.50 per metre, www.jab-uk.co.uk

19. Design Classic – the Nick Munro for Wedgwood vase

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WHEN we moved into this cottage, we had to downsize. Even though it’s bigger foot-print wise than our old house, there’s next to no storage here. And also, I had a bit of a ‘what am I keeping all this extra stuff for’ moment last year, when it felt right to throw lots of things out and just keep what I need.nickmunro

I’m still going through the boxes of things that moved with us which are packed up because of the ongoing renovation. And more often than not after a year in boxes, most things are not at all missed and it’s relatively easy to throw or give them away. So gone are most of my vases (a whole cupboard full). I’ve kept one small ceramic one, a lovely crystal stem vase, and then this, my now vintage Nick Munro vase designed for Wedgwood in 1999.

After all this time I think it’s earned the title Design Classic. It has lived through and worked in a modern flat, a Georgian flat, a seaside terrace, a 1960s Span house, and now a higgled-piggledy cottage. It looks both classic and distinctly modern. It is perfectly designed for most mid-size bouquets of flowers. It suits all colour and size of flower head. It’s a timeless all rounder. Munro himself says his inspiration for the range of ceramics (no longer in production) was “what Josiah [Wedgwood] would do if he were with us today and I decided that he would design much more contemporary things than the company are today known for producing. The result was a collection of black and cream objects of exquisite quality with perfect detailing and a point of view which is pure modernist.”

Unfortunately the collection and the vase are no longer available, but do come up on eBay now and again (FYI: there’s one in Australia at the time of writing!)… See the collection at: www.nickmunro.com/collaborations/wedgwood

17. New Best Buy: Room 39 Side Plates

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MY new best buy are these beautiful side plates called Knit & Loop from Room39.room39plate

Currently on sale (just £7 each!) they’re fine bone china decorated in Stoke-on-Trent (a recurring theme in my life at the moment), and are simple but beautiful. I usually like super plain plates, but I also like to remember the patterns from everyday products I used as a kid (all the 70s prints!) and how they stick in your mind and how they subliminally influence your taste and thoughts going forward, and I like the idea that my two will forever remember these… IMG_4598


16. Splashback Beauty

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OFTEN seems to me that splash backs are where you can add the most personality in a kitchen. I love the romance of Martin Moore’s alternatives to Metro tiles (although they do those too and I do still love them). Martin Moore Notting Hill New Classic (14)

First up is book matched lavender marble, then antiqued glass tiles, and thirdly sculptured walnut. Which is your favourite? [Sidenote, how beautiful is that copper tap?]Martin Moore Marten (16)

All from family-run company Martin Moore – kitchens from £35,000 – www.martinmoore.com / @MMDesignMartinMooreElland

15. New High Street offer – Finery London

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FRANKLY it’s about time the British high street produced something new.Finery London 1

And there’s much excitement about the latest British label – Finery London – not least because its team is made up of Emma Farrow, former TopShop Unique head of design, and Caren Downie, former TopShop buying director and ASOS fashion director. finerylondon2

These designs are for those of us who have outgrown disposable high street fashion, and high turnover fashion too.finerylondon3

It’s a more mature, independent, curated collection, including fab dresses, really amazing directional shoes and sandals (my favs), and perfect knitwear. Most impressively prices are super affordable…finerylondon4